Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In 10 years time

Mr Woody just said that we have to have a goal that we want to achieve in the next decade, and to be honest I honestly dont know?? Hopefully I will be at university studying something that will make me a bit of money like a Doctor or a lawyer or a rich mad scientist. Or a Teacher like the fabulous Mr Woodcock and Miss McConnell. Or I could be a shop assistant. Fashion design sounds like funt to! What evers gonna happen I hope I make the right decision for my life and future.\

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I am now officially i N.Z Girl Guide!!
I had to say my promise on monday and the district co-coordinator was there! I was so nervous and I was shaking thoroughly right through. But I am Now A member and it is so much fun.
Here is the picture of the uniform:

He He He He He HE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The N.Z Flag History

Hey everyone I was just thinking that I didnt know the history of the N.Z flag so I thought I would do a post on it. So here we go.
There it is floating softly in the wind, but ho made it who designed it? i am willing to find out.
New Zealand's first flag, the flag of the United Tribes of New Zealand, was adopted before NZ became a British colony. Chosen by an assembly of Māori chiefs in 1834, the flag was of a St. George's Cross with another cross in the canton containing four stars on a blue field. After the formation of the colony in 1841, British ensigns began to be used. The current flag was designed and
adopted for restricted use in 1869 and became the national flag in 1902. It is the British Ensign, with a highly stylized representation of the Southern Cross constellation. It depicts only four of the five stars in the constellation. Each star varies slightly in size. The Union Jack in the canton recalls New Zealand's colonial ties to Britain.
( the blue flag in the corner is the newer flag and the cremey coloured one is the original.

I recalled this information from wikipedia

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Supply and demand

Today we watched a short movie on brain pop called supply and demand. here is a wee graph to show that if the product is popular the demand (the blue line) will increase and the producer will have to increase the supply (the red line) The bottom black line is the quantity and the further along the coloured lines are the more of the items you nedd and the higher up the lines go is how expensive/in-expensive they are. If the product is to expensive the producer will lose money and stock beacause the shop owners will have to mark the prices down so that they sell more easily and that people would want to spend their money on that item or product. But then the products are flying off the shelves and everyone wants one of those things then the producer will have to make more which will cost more money then the price will go up for the consumers.
I think I got it pretty well done but sorry if I am wrong anf way off!!!!

He He be happy!!!
Lilrocsta : )

Monday, April 6, 2009

Taylor Swift

Here is a little information on my fave singer. The one, the only, Taylor Swift!!!
• Birthdate – December,13 1989
• Taylor Swift has been singing all her life and her motivation is her grandmother who was a professional opera singer.
• She began locally performing around her town at the age of 10 and at the age of 11 she sang the national anthem before a Philphadelphia 76ers game
• When she turned 12 she had picked up a guitar and began practicing for hours each day until her fingers began to bleed
• While performing at a showcase at Nashville's Bluebird Café, Swift caught the eye of music industry veteran Scott Borchetta. He had plans to create a new label and decided Swift was one of the first acts he wanted to sign. Still a high school student fascinated by love (which she uses as her muse), she released her debut single, "Tim McGraw," in August 2006

cat named Indi (who hates everyone in my family except for me) and two Dobermans
Favorite Color- white
Food- cheesecake
Holiday- Christmas
Hobby- driving fast
Place- anyplace around a creek
Season – summer
Things to do- write songs
Things to write about- LOVE
Guitars- Taylors Guitar
Artists- Tim McGraw and Miranda Lambert
Song- Can’t tell me nothing by Tim McGraw
Quality in other people- Honesty and sarcasm
Movie- Love actually
Memory- Living on a farm
Zodiac sign- Virgo
First single- Tim McGraw

Info :

Hope you enjoy it!!
lilrocsta :-)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dont worry be happy :-)

I absolutely love the song DONT WORRY BE HAPPY written by Jamican reggae artist Bobby McFerrin. When ever I hear this songi jump up and dance, Here are some smily pictures i got of google:

here is a picture os the artist Bobby McFarrin

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

hi everyone i thought for today i will write a report on a T.V program.

I chose dancing with the stars. So sit back and enjoy reading it.

Last night was Samba night and the judges were quite cruel on thier judging.

here are the comments for Rebecca Hobbs and Aaron Gilmore

Brendan said: You need to work on your timing.

Alison said: I would like to have seen you let rip a bit more.

Craig said: You took Rebecca's personality on board and used something new.

Paul said: The samba is fun, fast and sassy, but you chose cute.

Score: 7 / 7 / 7 / 7 total = 28 out of a possibly 40

I thought it was quite good and they added thier in pizazz!

Next up was Breakfast weatherman Tamati Coffey and his partner Samantha Hitchcock.

Brendan said: I think you interpreted the music very well.

Alison said : Your hips don't lie and it's lucky Sam kept them under control, because on the richter scale that could have been worse than a Hobbs family reunion.

Craig said: It was very confident, but you took a step back.

Paul said: You were holding yourself back. It needed more energy.

Score: 8 / 8 / 6 / 6 total = 28 out of a possibly 40

I was a bit dissapointed in Tamati this week and his lack of movement

Then it was the Geraldine Brophy Bumblebee parade with Stefano Olivieri

Brendan said: You both have a flamboyant style all of your own. It was so camp it made Craig look straighter than a straight man's straight bits.

Alison said: Stefano gave you good basics and you handled it.

Craig said: You are show biz, you are entertainment, I would have liked to see a basket of fruit on your head.

Paul said: You don't dance badly... but you can't dance well. Don't damage your knees further.

Score: 7 / 7 / 7 / 6 total = 27

I thought her dance was quite good but thats just my opinion its really up to the public and the judges

Next up was former all black Josh Kronfield and his partner Rachel Burstien

here are the judges comments:

Craig said: You were going through the motions. It was listless, languid, lethargic.

Paul said: The routine lacked energy. You played it safe choreographically.

Score: 6 / 7 / 4 / 5 total = 22

Then it was gold medalist Barbara Kendall and Jonny Williams

Brendan said: Another extremely strong performance. I would love Barbara Kendall to show me a soft oozy goo-ing woman.

Alison said: That was like watching samba barbie!

Score: 8 / 6 / 9 / 8 total = 31

Then all the couples dance the American Smooth waltz

Rebecca = 30

Tamati = 32

Geraldine = 28

Josh = 26

Barbara = 31

In the end sadly Rebecca Hobbs Has been eliminated and her partner Aaron Gilmore.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

I survived camp! It was so much fun and Mr Woody can you tell the other teachers that climbing 3 mountains is a little bit cruel! But never mind my legs are over that now and i am back into full sleeping mode. I so cannot wait till camp next year.

P.S thanks for not feeding us poison and killing us. The food was pretty good apart form the pudding that didn't sauce itself.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Artist

My Artist: Georges Braque
Georges Braque was born on May 13 in 1882. He grew up near Paris, and in 1902 he moved into Paris to study painting. He really liked pictures by the Fauves who painted with bright colors and wierd forms. He painted in their styles until 1908. In 1908 Braque began to paint in the cubist style. Between 1908 and 1913 he began to study light and perspective. He used his studies to use shading of a cube to make it look both flat and three-dimensional at the same time.

Houses at L'Estaque
In 1909, Braque began to work with Pablo Picasso . They both began to use neutral colors and geometry patterns like cubes . This style of art is now called analytic cubism. Between 1910 and 1912, Braque began to use a collage. Collage is when an artist take things from everyday life like newspapers, fabric, rope, etc... and uses them is his or her art work.

The Fruit dish
In 1914 he was in the French army and was injured. After the war, Braque used more bright colors and textured surfaces. He also painted more still lifes. He died on August 31, 1963.

I got this information from the website:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Odd Animal couples

aren't they just all so cute???


WSPA stands for the world society for the protection of animals. Me and my dad have sponsored them for 3 years now. They are a world wide team saving animals at risk. here are some photos of animals they save:
This poor bear has been put in a cage to suffer because the people could not tame it. it is NOT OK to do that to living animals. They need to live in their own natural habitat and eat the food they catch.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Woodmonsta


My Pets

This funny White thing is a white Frizzle Called Hilary Fluff. All our chickens are named after famous singers.

The Red chick is called Victoria Peckham and the Wyandotte is called Dolly Parton.

I have also got 6 other chickens and a cat called Winston who is a teeny bit camera shy!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Master Mind

For christmas I got a board game called Mastermind. There are 2 teams amd the aim of the game is to crack the other teams code of 4 numbers within 15 turns.
i absolutely love this game it is so fun and we take it camping and in holidays to play at night or during a hot day.
I also got Hannah Montana Top Trumps. that is also quite fun but you have to be quite brainy to work out what the highest scores are. The best cards would have to be: Hannah Montana and jake Ryan

Monday, February 9, 2009

My new blog

I just made this blog to help me with school work and stay connected with my class and teacher. I am new to it so I hope I do okay!!!


Bluey!!!!!!! is very blue!!