Sunday, March 15, 2009

I survived camp! It was so much fun and Mr Woody can you tell the other teachers that climbing 3 mountains is a little bit cruel! But never mind my legs are over that now and i am back into full sleeping mode. I so cannot wait till camp next year.

P.S thanks for not feeding us poison and killing us. The food was pretty good apart form the pudding that didn't sauce itself.


  1. Im really happy too I hate cochroaches!!! :)

    Hey lilrocsta just a thought maybe you should bring your font down a size because its really big!!:)

  2. Yeah camp was awesome . Climbing mountains was a bit cruel and the food was great (thank you mum).

  3. It's also lucky I didn't put cockroaches in your sleeping bags :-)
    I'm glad you are still keen for next year. Start training now to make it less painful.

  4. I am just over training don't make us train again you cruel running laps guy!!!!



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